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“Passage into history” is a film about Ancient Nemea, the land of the mythical Hercules and the Lion.

In 1973, three ancient columns, standing in the middle of an insignificant
and long-forgotten valley in Greece, and some locals welcomed a young American archaeologist.

Since then, Dr. Miller gave this valley 40 years of his life, and it unlocked its secrets to him.

This 'labour of love' has brought to light almost the entire athletics complex of Ancient Nemea and has offered to all of us the unique opportunity
of participating in Ancient Games.

In 2012, we found ourselves in the Nemean Valley, explored the archeological site with Dr. Miller, experienced the 5th Revival of the Nemean Games and made the "Passage into History".

...And there, at the end of the Tunnel, is the moment of expectation for the “Passage into History”. In a very personal way one picks up the thread of history and losing all sense of age, nationality, race and colour, gets swept into something which is both an instant and an eternity...


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